Containers PREMIUM type

Modified maritime containers are based on 20ft. & 40ft. shipping units.
Our Premium converted sea containers have various modular applications. Their modification involves both thermal and acoustic insulation of exterior partitions. Moreover, Kan-Bud handles all necessary installation packages: electrical wiring, water and sewage systems, IT, A/C, etc. We provide tailored interiors depending on container end-user.



• standard wheel and sea transport

• rapid connection

• heavy duty features i.e. high resistance to external damage

• ability to expand units in several configurations with stacking options


Our code-compliant prefabricated structures function as technical buildings, workforce dorms, office dwellings, laundry rooms, or other utility facilities.
Our clients find it easy to choose between both temporary or permanent complexes and single or multiple-level structures arranged in complete campuses for exec and field workers.

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